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Appalachian Center event to help reveal 12th issue of "Ampersand"

Campus News | April 15, 2014

Cover design for the 12th edition of "Ampersand."

Cover design for the 12th edition of "Ampersand."

(April 15, 2014)– Carson-Newman University’s Appalachian Center will host an April 23 celebration for the launch of the 12th issue of “Ampersand.” Free and open to the public, the 4 p.m. event will be held in the University’s Appalachian Center.

“Ampersand,” an annual journal published by the University’s English Department, features the work of student editors, poets, photographers, designers, and artists. The publication is the end result of a collaborative effort of students under the direction of Professor of English Dr. Susan Underwood and Associate Professor of Art Julie Rabun.

“Dr. Susan Underwood and Julie Rabun have worked tirelessly to direct, lead, and encourage students from across the disciplines,” championed Dr. Jennifer Hall, director of the Appalachian Center. “What a wonderful closing event to celebrate the hard work, learning, and joy of this academic year.”

““Ampersand” is not only a celebration of creative energy and diversity, but it also provides a wonderful forum for cross disciplinary collaboration,” explained Rabun. “As a faculty advisor, I really appreciate the opportunity to merge the strengths of each discipline - creative writing, graphic design and photography - into one cohesive and lasting record of artistic expression.”

Underwood agrees, adding how the combination of poetry and design in the new edition adds to the overall feel of the publication. “I appreciate that this issue highlights poetry and black & white photography. The entire issue will be black & white, very minimal,” noted Underwood. “So we have perhaps our most cohesive “Ampersand” yet. The editors and graphic designers worked so well together on their vision and thematic continuity.”

The event caps an Appalachian Center spring line-up that included readings by celebrated authors Dr. Artress Bethany White, Wayne Caldwell, as well as a ceremony recognizing Bill May, executive director of Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, as the 2014 Outstanding Educational Service to Appalachia Award.