• Carson-Newman offered me lots of opportunities to get on the stage and execute what I was learning in the classroom and my private lessons.
    Benjamin Archer, 2017 / Graduate Student in Vocal Performance / University of North Florida

SPOTS Spring Commissioning

Campus News | March 16, 2012


John Hill speaks during Tuesday’s SPOTS Spring Commissioning Service. Special Projects Other Than Summer is just that, trips and mission activities offered during the academic year. Over the next week, 150 C-N volunteers (141 students, plus nine faculty or staff members) will take part in 11 outreach programs in eight states, the District of Columbia and two foreign countries. A School of Nursing-led program will focus on medical relief in Haiti and Associate Campus Minister Chad Morris will help lead a 10-member team to Berkovista, Bulgaria. State-side efforts include three children’s ministry projects, three inner-city programs, two music ministry tours and one disaster relief team.