Professional School Graduates

Campus News | August 24, 2012

This is an attempt to honor our C-N alumni who recently graduated from professional school. There is always a risk that some will be omitted, but please accept our apology if errors are made and please help us correct our mistakes in the next edition of this newsletter. (Photo = Drs. Jessica Albright and Brian Wetherington at Quillen’s graduation ceremony.)

Medicine   Pharmacy  
   Ben Apple UT-Memphis     Lindsay Archer Belmont
   Lesley Bundon Quillen    Josh Blake ETSU
   Aubrey Cawthon Ross     
   Sherry Cline LMU-DO Dental  
   Heather Nolan Kentucky    Nathan Jones UT-Memphis
   Tyler Pace Wake Forest     Matthew Kickliter UT-Memphis 
   Madeline Russell Ross    Heather Wright Johnson UT-Memphis
   David Wasserman VACOM    
   Angie Yates Quillen  Occupational Therapy  
       Kristin Lidvall Belmont
Physical Therapy      Katie Puckett Milligan
   Mary Knapp ETSU    Megan Self Belmont
   Emily Skelly ETSU    
   Taylor McKinney Eastern Carolina Veterinary Medicine  
   Emily Pile  UT-C    Hillary Hammond UT-Memphis