Brubaker Spends Summer at Princeton

Campus News | August 16, 2011

Junior physics major Zack Brubaker was awarded a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Internship to study in the summer of 2011 at Princeton Plasma Lab.  He worked on a project titled Eliminating Spikes observed in Motional Stark Effect with Colissionally Induced Fluorescence Diagnostics.  Avalanche Photodiodes (APD) are very sensitive to radiation and can be damaged over time. Due to the Collisionally-Induced Fluorescence Motional Stark Effect diagnostic observing significant radiation despite being shielded by a 3-foot concrete wall, he and his mentor need to devise a plan for shielding the new Laser-Induced Fluorescence Motional Stark Effect diagnostic detectors. In order to reduce the number of radiation spikes seen in the readings as well as to preserve our detectors, Zack investigated the type of radiation responsible, the locations most affected, and tested various materials for shielding.