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Carson-Newman's Niceley releases book on forgiveness

Campus News | December 07, 2015

Daniel Niceley

(Dec. 7, 2015)—Carson-Newman University Circulation Coordinator and Adjunct Professor Daniel Niceley has written and self-published his first book, “The Lie of Forgiveness” through Finish Line Ministries and Ingram Publishing Services.

The book explores what Jesus meant when he said, “it is finished,” and questions whether continual confession and penance is necessary to be absolved of sin.

“It’s about God's forgiveness,” Niceley says. “The title came out of 45 years of going to church and hearing a mixed message about forgiveness. In the book I attempted to clear that up and strip away all the man-made traditions and faulty doctrines and just get right down to the core of what it is that God has actually done for us in Jesus.”

In addition to his position at Carson-Newman, Nicely oversees Finish Line Ministries, which teaches, coaches and encourages people based on the finished work of Christ. He has also spent many years as a teaching pastor.

Niceley says “The Lie of Forgiveness” is for everyone, not just Christians.

“This book is for the person who knows nothing of Jesus, as well as the person who has been in church their whole life and has had a hard time making sense of a lot of what they have heard,” Niceley says. “It covers the whole gamut.”

Niceley says he never set out to write a book, but friends and acquaintances over the years told him he should write down his ideas on God and Christianity. After he started recording them, he realized the central theme of his writings revolved around God’s forgiveness.

“The Lie of Forgiveness” is available through major book retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or directly through www.finish-line.org.