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When searching for names, you may enter either a first or last name, or both using the first initial or name followed by the last. The database is not case sensitive and does not recognize commas or periods. Names have been entered exactly as they are printed in the catalogs. Editorial changes were made when typos or obvious errors were made. In some cases accurate spellings could only be guessed at. For example, Jessie Ailshie was assigned the middle initial of "E" in one catalog and "F" in another. In this case his record reads “Jessie F (E) Ailshie.” (However, you are not able to search using a middle initial or name. For example, a search for "Jessie F" will retrieve anyone whose first name is Jessie and has a last name beginning with "F"). Another helpful example is W Conrad Gass. Positive search results are obtained using “W Gass” or just “Gass.” Negative results will occur searching with “W Conrad Gass,” “Conrad Gass,” “Gass W,” or “Conrad.” Also note where alternate spellings were used, as in the case of “Mae” and “May” or “Frances” and “Francis.”

When searching for a name such as "Park," the database will retrieve anyone with a first or last name containing those letters such as Parks, Parker, Parkey, etc.

When married women appear in the catalogs, they have been identified one of two ways. When their first name is known, they will appear as Cates (Mrs), Elizabeth Clark. This will enable you to search by “Cates” or “Elizabeth.” However, when a first name is not known as in the case of “Mrs J B Brooks,” one would have to search by “Mrs.” In cases where a first name and maiden name are known as in the case of Mrs. Viola Williams Elder, a sophomore in the summer of 1939, previous information can be found under Viola Williams.

In some cases, a best guess has been made as to whether two identical names are the same person. Typically years of attendance and level of study will indicate separate identities, but in a case such as Lyle Rankin of Jefferson City, TN (1933-34 Special, 1942-43 Freshman) it is sometimes hard to tell.

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