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When searching by city, county, or state, simply type the desired city or county name or state abbreviation in the appropriate search box. Only one term may be used though, and not city or county with state abbreviation. For instance, “Jefferson City” or “TN” will yield positive search results but “Jefferson City, TN” will not.

If an individual lived in multiple cities within the same state, their record will show the city mentioned first in the catalogs followed by other cities lived in and separated by a comma. For example, Mollie Lee’s record reads as follows:  “Mossy Creek, Knoxville, TN.”

In the case of W M Anderson who lived in multiple states, the first city mentioned (Waco) corresponds to the state listed at the end of the field (KY). (This is due to a feature in the database's original construction).  Other cities lived in are listed in between with corresponding states’ abbreviations in parentheses. The record thus reads: “Waco, Mossy Creek (TN), Crab Orchard (KY), KY."

In the case of Tomas Andrew Gross, the catalogs provide more limited information.  Listed as being from Birchwood, Tennessee, he is later mentioned as being from Oklahoma with no city or town given.  His record reads:  "Birchwood, Oklahoma, TN."

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