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Course of Study

In most cases the field of study will be listed as Preparatory, Special, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or Summer School. In other cases the discipline will be listed as Voice, Piano, Expression, or as a graduate in that field such as Voice Graduate, Piano Graduate, Expression Graduate, etc. Where a specific type of degree was earned such as a B.A. or B.S. this has been noted.

Where multiple degrees or courses were taken in a given year, these will be separated by a “/.” Each year’s work is separated by commas. By looking at the years attended (which are also separated by commas) one can determine what a student took or their class designation during that time period.

At times there may appear to be discrepancies in a student’s record. For example, in the case of Elizabeth McMurray, her record shows that in the summer of 1934 she was a freshman, a junior at the end of 1934-35, a senior in the summer of 1935, but then she is listed as a junior for the summer of 1936. The Alumni Directory shows she actually graduated in 1937. These discrepancies are not always explainable but can possibly be typos, etc. within the catalogs.

During World War II Carson-Newman played host to a Navy V-12 officer training program. The names of those participating were included in the 1943-44 bulletin. Their course of study is listed as “Apprentice Seaman.”

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