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  • Tri-Beta Service Activities

    undergraduate/undergraduate-studies/biology/tri-beta-biological-honor-society/tri-beta-service-activities One of Tri-Beta's ongoing service activities is cleaning a stretch of Highway 11-E as part of Tennessee's "Adopt a Highway" Litter Control Project.  Who knew picking up trash could also be fun?

  • Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society

    undergraduate/undergraduate-studies/biology/tri-beta-biological-honor-society Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society Student Organization for Biology Majors Since 1960, the Department of Biology has offered membership to the biological honor society, Beta Beta Beta....

  • Community Life & Worship Schedule

    administration/student-affairs/campus-ministries/community-life-and-worship-clw/community-life-worship-schedule COMMUNITY LIFE & WORSHIP SCHEDULE Spring 2020 Date   Time   Title of Event   Speaker/Sponsor   Location...

  • Student Support

    undergraduate/undergraduate-studies/chemistry-and-biochemistry/biochemistry/student-support Beyond the many college-wide support programs at C-N, students majoring in biochemistry have the opportunity to apply for additional scholarships, awards, and memberships. These opportunities not...


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