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  • Self-Care

    undergraduate/resources/counseling-services/self-help-resources/self-care Self-care is prioritizing ourselves in order to increase our wellbeing and prevent stress and burn out. Self-care is not selfish, self-care is a necessity! For some, it may look like coffee breaks...

  • self, addressed

    undergraduate/resources/counseling-services/self-addressed Self, addressed is a mail subscription where we address self-care for C-N students.  Mail because YOU MATTER! Mail to encourage, inspire and uplift students. Each month, subscribed...

  • Printable Wellness Worksheets

    undergraduate/resources/counseling-services/self-help-resources/printable-wellness-worksheets Here, you will find interactive handouts aimed to support C-N students from afar. Click the links below to be directed to printable handouts.   Deep Breathing Handout PDF  ...

  • Mental Health Apps

    undergraduate/resources/counseling-services/self-help-resources/mental-health-apps Below are mental health apps that can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store: WoeBot - Step-by-step guidance, self-care tips, and mood tracking      Bloom...

  • Resources

    undergraduate/resources/student-success-center/resources The Student Success Center is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential. We hope this page helps you find the tools you need during your college experience. Whether you are a...


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