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  • e-Consent

    adult-graduate-studies/e-consent The federal government requires students to give advance authorization to communication concerning financial information by means of email or over the web in the form of self-automated financial...

  • Current Students

    adult-graduate-studies/current-students Start Here Welcome and Orientation Getting Help Financial Information Tuition and Fees Graduate Financial Aid Adult Degree Completion Financial Ai d...

  • First Steps

    adult-graduate-studies/online-learning/welcome/first-steps |  Welcome | First Steps | Apps for Success |  Course Tour   | |  Find Help   |  Peer Advice   | Next Steps  | Online Home |  How to...

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress

    administration/financial-aid/consumer-information/satisfactory-academic-progress Initial Eligibility & Satisfactory Academic Progress (FASAP)   1)   Initially, to be eligible to receive financial assistance, students must be enrolled in an...

  • Adult & Graduate Registration Confirm.

    adult-graduate-studies/bsol/adult-graduate-registration-confirm   NOT FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE IN TRADITIONAL UNDERGRADUATE COURSES (FRESHMAN TO SENIORS)!!!  Traditional On-Campus Undergraduate Students :  THIS FORM WILL NOT CONFIRM YOUR...


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