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  • Virtual Relaxation Room

    undergraduate/resources/counseling-services/virtual-relaxation-room Welcome to our Virtual Relaxation Room. Follow the links below for deep breathing exercises to help reduce stress and increase relaxation, guided meditation to increase clarity and focus,...

  • ???Mystery Trip???

    administration/student-services/campus-ministries/baptist-collegiate-ministries-bcm/bcm-ministries/missions-spots/spots-mission-program/mystery-trip MYSTERY TRIP FEBRUARY 28 - MARCH 5, 2020 It’s a Mystery! UNDISCLOSED LOCATIONS The Mystery Trip is a newer opportunity for C-N S.P.O.T.S., which combines the experience of a...

  • Panama City Beach, FL-- Collegiate & Disaster Relief Ministry

    administration/student-services/campus-ministries/baptist-collegiate-ministries-bcm/bcm-ministries/missions-spots/spots-mission-program/panama-city-beach-fl-collegiate-disaster-relief-ministry       Collegiate Ministry/Beach Reach – March 1-8, 2019 Panama City Beach, FL What's better than Spring Break at the beach?!?! When there are Pancakes, Vans,...

  • Anchorage, Alaska-- Relational & Children's Ministry

    administration/student-services/campus-ministries/baptist-collegiate-ministries-bcm/bcm-ministries/missions-spots/spots-mission-program/anchorage-alaska-relational-childrens-ministry Anchorage, AK – Feb. 28 - Mar. 7 (Applicant must be willing to leave spring break 1-2 days early) Ever thought about spending Spring Break in Alaska?!?!? This team will do...

  • FAQ

    undergraduate/resources/student-success-center/faq FAQ’s - GENERAL INFORMATION Q: What services are provided by the Student Success Center? A: We provide a variety of services including: Academic Advising for all students who...


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