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  • Master of Education Reading Specialist

    ncate-dev/state-report/master-of-education-reading-specialist Synopsis Sheet Matrix Course Descriptions Syllabi EDUC 536 Using Books with Children and Adolescents EDUC 538 Foundations of Leadership EDUC 600 Integrating...

  • Master of Arts in Teaching Middle Grades

    ncate-dev/state-report/master-of-arts-in-teaching-middle-grades Synopsis Sheet Matrices MAT Middle Grades Major Matrix MAT Middle Grades Professional Education Matrix MAT Middle Grades Reading Standards Matrix Course...

  • Music - Vocal

    ncate-dev/state-report/music-vocal Synopsis Sheet Matrices Music-Vocal Major Matrix Music-Vocal Professional Education Matrix Course Descriptions Music-Vocal Major Course Descriptions...

  • Music - Instrumental

    ncate-dev/state-report/music-instrumental Synopsis Sheet Matrix Music-Instrumental Major Matrix Music-Instrumental Professional Education Matrix Course Descriptions Music-Instrumental Major Course...

  • History

    ncate-dev/state-report/history Synopsis Sheet Matrices History Major Matrix History Professional Education Matrix Course Descriptions History Major Course Descriptions History...


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