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  • English

    ncate-dev/state-report/english Synopsis Sheet Matrices English Major Matrix English Professional Education Matrix Course Descriptions English Major Course Descriptions English...

  • Standard 6 Exhibits

    ncate-dev/standard-6-exhibits Standard 6: Unit Governance and Resources The unit has the leadership, authority, budget, personnel, facilities, and resources, including information technology resources, for the preparation...

  • Standard 2 Exhibits

    ncate-dev/standard-2-exhibits Standard 2: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation The unit has an assessment system that collects and analyzes data on applicant qualifications, candidate and graduate performance, and unit...

  • Standard 1 Exhibits

    ncate-dev/standard-1-exhibits Standard 1: Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Professional Dispositions Candidates preparing to work in schools as teachers or other school professionals know and demonstrate the content...

  • IR Addendum

    ncate-dev/ir-addendum IR Addendum, Additional information and 2010-11 data Below are documents that have been added to our exhibits after the off-site review was completed. These include additional information...


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