Titus Whitelaw

Network and Systems Support Specialist

Born at a young age in the far away, exotic, swampy land of Inverness, FL, Titus moved to East Tennessee in 2002. Growing up as a small child, Titus envisioned himself becoming an astronaut/firefighter/crocodile hunter/space marine, but eventually he decided on pursuing a career in computers. Titus received an associate’s degree in Computer Science from Walter’s State and is currently furthering his certifications and computer skills at the Tennessee Technology Center in Morristown, TN.

Being a rather laid back and sarcastic individual, Titus spends his free time playing video games, solving puzzles, taking things apart, and attempting to put them back together, and overeating.

Interesting facts about Titus: He is left handed, and he can solve a Rubik’s cube in around 30 seconds