Work for an ELITE company with unparalleled training and an unmatched commitment
to the local community.
Professionals in the Upper Cumberland with sales experience. We are looking for ONLY
the best of the best. ONLY the people with passion for helping businesses grow. ONLY
the people who want their work to mean something to our region.
The radio stations of Stonecom WANT YOU.
But ONLY if you are an ELITE, PASSIONATE, TALENTED professional who wants to
grow your client’s business and your own paycheck. Those looking for just a job, this is
NOT the job for you.
Everyday, you will meet at least eight local business leaders to see HOW you can help
them grow! What if they don’t want to grow? We get to work prospecting the business
that does. Radio works and our team will teach you how.
You will NEVER SELL A PRODUCT that does not work. You will NEVER walk in with
the package of the day. You will listen to customer needs. You will find a way we can
help them. You will be a part of a fun business that changes everyday.
Sales is not for the faint of heart. You must know how to deliver results by seeing
people, asking questions, and BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS!
Let’s build your career. This is a salary-based position. You can earn additional
commissions. You will be trained. We will teach you the system — if you have the ability
to follow directions and do the right things every day, you can make additional money
on commissions.
We are growing with the dominant radio group in the region. We want you to be part of
our team. If you are elite and want a job that truly helps our community grow, APPLY!