job-area: Community & Social Sciences

JustLead Ministry director

JOB SUMMARY: The JustLead Ministry Director provides Christian youth development and family leadership in a specific church or a faith-based organization (FBO), enabling youth to engage relationally and *comprehensively in faith, learning, and health activities through Emerald Youth Foundation and partnering organizations, so they may enjoy the fullness of God, achieve developmental outcomes, and be prepared for leadership. The JustLead Ministry Director plans and provides leadership for JustLead and family engagement programs, assists high school participants in their transition to post-secondary experiences, manages young adult relationships, supervises two age-level coordinators to direct their ministry with elementary through high school students. This role will integrate into the life of the neighborhood, institutions, families, and others, helping to facilitate long-term connections and relationships with young people, their families, congregations, other adults, and peers.