job-area: Pastoral

Children’s Director of Ministry

The Director’s Main Purpose: To serve the LABC families by leading children ministries aligned with the Church’s role in Worship and Missions.
Reports to: Sr. Pastor
Job Description Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Lead Sunday Mornings and Wednesday night’s Children’s Ministries by recruiting, training, and coordinating with children ministry workers.
2. Play and Active role in Kid’s Worship on Sunday mornings by working with Pastoral Staff to minister to Children in Bible Instruction, worship by music, prayer, and recreation.
3. To Coordinate with or lead a Children’s Choir. This will be accomplished by quarterly planning with Worship Pastor.
4. Work with Youth Director and Pastoral staff for monthly and annual planning of events.
5. Lead one Community outreach event per quarter.
6. Lead and Coordinate one Children’s Ministry non church hours event per month for recreation and the building up of the Church families.
7. To play an active role in follow up with Church family members and visitors.
8. To lead Children’s ministry in the instruction of Church Historical Baptist distinctives. This will be accomplished by teaching Baptist Catechisms, Baptist Faith and Message, and Church History.
9. Support Pastoral Staff current and new ministry initiatives.
Special Programs Director: The following roles will be seasonal related events working closely with Pastoral Staff and Church Workers.
1. Assistant Director of VBS
2. Work with Connect Sports Leadership team to focus on engagement and ministry opportunities.
3. Plan, promote, and lead Children in a Summer Junior Camp.
4. Lead Outreach event in the Summer months.
Expectations for Director: The director and family (if applicable) will be expected to be regular attenders to Church meeting hours. The director will be expected to support the Church’s vision and ministries by maintaining an attitude consistent with a biblical worldview.