Being a camp counselor can be the most rewarding and gratifying job you can ever pursue. You will learn more about yourself, others, and discover talents. The Camp Nakanawa philosophy is a traditional, structured camp for girls offering a program designed to enable each camper to acquire skills in various activities in an atmosphere that develops character and a spirit of unselfishness. It is a fun environment where you can make lifetime friendships and gain true self-confidence. Camp Nakanawa is located in Cumberland County (near Crossville).

  • Cabin Counselor
    • Role model and leader to a group of 4 to 8 girls living in a cabin together
  • Activity Instructor
    • Teach and assist with one or more activities
  • Committee Assignment
    • Serve on one or two committees of your choice
  • The minimum staff age is 18 (prefer completion of college freshman year).
  • In order to promote the positive character guidelines supported by Camp Nakanawa, this is a substance-free environment (smoking,  alcohol, or drugs will not be permitted).
  • Piercings, other than the traditional one hole each ear, and tattoos are discouraged and should be covered while at camp.
  • As a counselor, you will be giving up a great deal of privacy and comfort along with working long and demanding hours while adhering to camp policies that may not reflect your way of living (curfews, time on, time off, lack of privacy, etc.)