The DNP will be delivered over 5 semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer). Course will be offered on a rotational schedule with admission available each semester.


On-campus seminar introducing students to Carson-Newman, the Department of Nursing, the history of and current issues surrounding the DNP, and DNP program requirements and expectations.

Focuses on the application of biostatistics and epidemiology to the collecting and interpreting of data related to disease incidence and prevalence, analyzing the effects of social determinants, and developing effective intervention and prevention strategies for diverse populations.

Students will investigate and critique theories from nursing and other disciplines as they critically appraise literature and evaluate the quality of evidence in research. This information will be translated into practice to improve healthcare outcomes.

Students will use knowledge from previous and concurrent courses to develop a DNP Project proposal that addresses a practice, process, or systems issue impacting health outcomes.

Examines principles of economics and resource management in the development and evaluation of healthcare projects and programs.

Explores theories and processes for quality improvement, safety analysis tools, and resources for evidence-based practice.

Provides the framework for implementing the student’s proposed DNP project. The student will implement their project, collect, and analyze data in preparation for the DNP Project presentation.

Analyze factors influencing healthcare policy, cultivate the skills to competently engage in the policy process, and apply advocacy and persuasion strategies to transform healthcare to be equitable in meeting the needs of diverse populations.

Students will analyze organizational processes and assess barriers and facilitators to change. Focus will include leadership principles to deliver quality, cost-effective care and improve systems while considering policies, culture, business realities, and sustainability.

Students will demonstrate mastery of the DNP Student Learning Outcomes through their DNP portfolio, written report and defense of their DNP Project, and DNP Project dissemination.

Focuses on the utilization and evaluation of information systems and technology to improve access to quality care, care outcomes, and communication while generating new evidence.