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Hunger Games Tribute: Will Riley

I am competing in the Carson-Newman Hunger Games!! In order to succeed, I need your help! I will need weapons, food, water, and any other perks that the Gamemakers will allow us to purchase within the games next weekend. The only way for me to be able to pick up these vital items I need you to make a donation to the Hunger Games in my name.To help me out, simply click the orange "Donate" button below and make a donation.
Here is a list of what things will cost me in the games:

  • WATER - $45.00
  • SOUP - $60.00
  • NERF WEAPON - $45.00
  • CRACKERS - $35.00


Why am I doing this? To raise money for local Charities! Every dollar earned goes to charity, if I win, my Charity will receive 40% of all of the money raised!!


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