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  1. Philip Bailey

    Assistant Professor of Business; Director of the MBA Program
    P: 865-471-7174
    E: pbailey@cn.edu
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  2. Mary Baldridge

    Associate Professor of Foreign Languages
    P: 865-471-3473
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  3. Glenda R. Bales

    Administrative Assistant for Physical Plant/Maintenance
    P: 865 471-3352
    E: gbales@cn.edu
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  4. Shelley Ball

    Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs / Dean of Students
    P: (865) 471-3238
    E: sball@cn.edu
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  5. Sheridan Barker

    Professor of Communication
    P: 865-471-3267
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  6. Tammy Barnes

    Associate Professor of Education
    P: (865) 471-7109
    E: tbarnes@cn.edu
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  7. Thomas Bass

    Chair of Mathematics & Physics; Professor of Mathematics
    P: 865-471-3263
    E: tbass@cn.edu
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  8. Robert Bates

    R.O.T.C Human Resources Administrator
    P: ext 3374
    E: rbates@cn.edu
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  9. Taylor Anne Bates

    It Help Desk
    P: 865-471-3506
    E: tbates@cn.edu
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  10. Hester Beecher

    Professor of Marketing
    P: (865) 471-2048
    E: hbeecher@cn.edu
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  11. Chuck Benson

    Head Coach - Men's Basketball
    P: 865-471-3371
    E: cbenson@cn.edu
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  12. Marilee Betz

    Director of Student Activities
    P: 865-471-3392
    E: mbetz@cn.edu
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  13. Nick Bianco

    Athletic Trainer
    P: 865-471-2049
    E: nbianco@cn.edu
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  14. Kyle Biery

    Associate Professor of Theatre; Charles Fuller Endowed Chair of Drama
    P: 865-471-3293
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  15. Benjamin "Ben" J. Billman

    Assistant Professor of Sport Management - Department of Business
    P: 865-471-7124
    E: bbillman@cn.edu
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  16. Pat Bivens

    Director of Bands
    P: (865) 471-3496
    E: pbivens@cn.edu
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  17. Victoria Blair

    Financial Aid Representative
    P: (800) 678-9061 or (865) 471-3247
    E: financialaid@cn.edu
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  18. Ronda Blevins

    Graduate Advising Coordinator - Education & Counseling Department
    P: 865-471-7140
    E: rblevins@cn.edu
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  19. Becky Boatright

    Human Resources Coordinator
    P: 471-3212
    E: bboatright@cn.edu
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  20. Kimberly Bolton

    Associate Professor of Graduate Nursing; Director of the MSN Program
    P: 865-471-4056
    E: kbolton@cn.edu
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  21. Mark Borchert

    Chair and Professor of Communication, Director of Film Studies
    P: 865-471-3294
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  22. Mark Bounds

    Assistant Coach - Baseball
    P: 865-471-3465
    E: mbounds@cn.edu
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  23. Karla Bowers

    Assistant Professor of Chemistry; EPA Coordinator
    P: 865-471-3552
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  24. Christy Bowlin

    Head Cheerleading & Dance Coach
    P: 471-4754
    E: cbowlin@cn.edu
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  25. Madison Bowman-Brown

    Graduate Admissions Representative
    P: (865) 471-2058
    E: mbowman-brown@cn.edu
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  26. Patsy Boyce

    Professor of Biology
    P: 865-471-3420
    E: pboyce@cn.edu
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  27. John Brock

    Adjunct Instructor of Music - Organ
    P: 865.471.3328
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  28. Kelly A. Brock

    Assistant Athletic Trainer - Sports Medicine
    P: 865-471-2074
    E: kbrock@cn.edu
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  29. Mark Brock

    Professor of TESL
    P: 865-471-4793
    E: mbrock@cn.edu
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  30. Bevan B. Brown

    Administrative Assistant - Center for Global Education
    P: 865-471-4777
    E: bbrown@cn.edu
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  31. Ross Brummett

    Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Professor of Religion
    P: 865-471-3235
    E: rbrummett@cn.edu
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  32. Matt Bryant Cheney

    Director, Bonner Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement, Assistant Professor of English
    P: 865-471-2052
    E: MBryantCheney@cn.edu
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  33. Andrew Bryenton

    Adjunct Instructor of Music - Cello
    P: 865.471.3412
    E: bachbuster@bellsouth.net
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  34. Jeremy J. Buckner

    Dean of Adult & Graduate Studies
    P: 865.471.3441
    E: jbuckner@cn.edu
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  35. Angie Burgess

    Samaritan House Family Ministries Coordinator
    P: 865-475-5032
    E: aburgess@cn.edu
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  36. Rachelle Burgett

    Academic Administrative Assistant - Art
    P: (865) 471-4985
    E: rburgett@cn.edu
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  37. Tatum L. Burstrom

    Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
    P: 865-471-3511
    E: tburstrom@cn.edu
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