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Admissions Staff

  1. Kate Amburn

    Associate Director of Admissions
    P: 865-471-3493
    E: kamburn@cn.edu
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  2. Shaleen Cunningham

    International Admissions Coordinator
    P: 865-471-3431
    E: scunningham@cn.edu
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  3. Luke Fekete

    Senior Admissions Counselor and Athletic Liaison
    P: 865-471-4145
    E: lfekete@cn.edu
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  4. Timothy C. Guthrie, II

    Senior Admissions Counselor
    P: 865-471-2070
    E: tguthrie@cn.edu
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  5. Jonathan Hendrickson

    Enrollment Specialist
    P: 865-471-3226
    E: jhendrickson@cn.edu
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  6. Paula Lindy

    Admissions Correspondence Coordinator
    P: 865-471-3503
    E: plindy@cn.edu
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  7. Kayla Moffitt

    Admissions Counselor
    P: 865-471-3231
    E: kmoffitt@cn.edu
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  8. Aaron Porter

    Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management
    P: 865-471-3229
    E: aporter@cn.edu
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  9. Spenser B. Smith

    Admissions Counselor
    P: 865-471-4826
    E: ssmith@cn.edu
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  10. Jann Walker

    Receptionist/Personal Visit Coordinator
    P: 865-471-4253
    E: jwalker@cn.edu
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  11. Samuel Clay Wilkerson

    Transfer Coordinator
    P: 865-471-4652
    E: swilkerson@cn.edu
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  12. Bari Wilson

    Admissions Data Coordinator
    P: 865-471-4564
    E: bwilson@cn.edu
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