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Alumni Spotlight: Hannah Seaver

Hannah Seaver '17

Very few college graduates complete their journey the same way they might have envisioned it as a bright-eyed first year student.

Carson-Newman alumna Hannah Seaver is one of those. She made the decision to transition from student-athlete to student after suffering a small meniscus tear. She, like many others before her, struggled with the change. Seaver felt like sports gave her an identity.  
She played on C-N’s softball team, participated in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, intramurals, Young Life, the Mossy Creek Maniacs and competed in two years of the Carson-Newman Hunger Games.  

Hannah’s family has a long history at C-N. Both her mom and dad were employees at the University. 
“I spent almost every day on campus in daycare or on the field up until I was about seven years old. So when I started exploring college options, it was an obvious choice,” she said. “The day I met up with Coach Hollifield and toured around campus, it felt like walking around home.” 
“I went from constantly being surrounded by my teammates, who were like family, and having every second of every day planned out to having absolutely zero structure,” she said. “I picked up a job waiting tables to fill time and save some money. I found myself feeling alone and falling very behind in my classes.” 
Hannah’s advisor and Art Department Chair Julie Rabun noticed she was struggling, not because of ability, but because of a lack of her desire to work.  
“She will be honest about this. She was not always motivated to success and changed her major several times. She dropped out at one point and was then readmitted to finish her degree,” Rabun said. “It was a challenge to get her through to graduation, but she did it. “Now she motivates middle schoolers, which is no small task, to do well in school.”  
Rabun helped her get back on track and kept a close eye on her progress. “The most meaningful thing she did for me was hold me accountable,” Hannah said. “To this day, I still consider her to be one of my greatest mentors and friend.” 
Hannah is now in her fourth year as a middle school art teacher and softball coach at Christian Academy of Knoxville.  
“I wake up every day excited to go to work and to be with my students and players. The community there, much like Carson-Newman, is a big family- even in a literal sense. It is where I met my fiancé three years ago,” she said. “I always say I have never worked there a single day because I enjoy my job so much.” 
Hannah shares the love of Christ with her students because she wants them to leave knowing they are loved. 
“I want them to understand the value of hard work and trusting the process. I hope they will never settle for less than their very best effort, and that they will always strive to be the best versions of themselves,” she said.  
Hannah adds that while all her students inspire her daily, one stole her heart. This student joined Hannah’s school during her first year as a teacher. Then, they both lost their fathers.  
“I have watched her grow in the classroom, on the field, as a leader, and as a worker for the Kingdom. We share a favorite Bible verse and that is Romans 8:18 “The pain that you have been feeling is nothing compared to the joy that is coming.” 
Her best advice to her students is to never give up and live for God. 
“Life throws us all a million different pitches, but we have to learn how to make the adjustment and hit them. Instead of looking away from difficult situations, you have to own them, and you cannot lower your expectations to make yourself or anyone else more comfortable,” she said.

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