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Module 6 - Public Safety


Public Safety

  • The Department of Public Safety is located at 2209 Branner Avenue.  Security officers may be contacted 24 hours a day by calling 865-548-9067.
  •  Download the free LiveSafe app. It serves as a communication tool between students, faculty, and campus police, and allows for faster emergency response in distress situations. 

Here’s how you can get the app:

  1. Open Google Play or the Apple App Store on your phone. Search for "LiveSafe" and download the option with the blue shield.
  2. Tap "Sign up". Fill in your profile information and create a password.
  3. Carson-Newman University may pop-up if you are close to the campus. If so, tap "Yes". Otherwise tap "Change" to select Carson-Newman University.
  • Register your vehicle at the Public Safety office by purchasing a hangtag for $35.  Hangtags are valid for one full academic year.  ALL vehicles must have a valid hangtag to park in ANY lot on campus.  A complete listing of campus parking regulations can be found in the Eagle Student Handbook.  Students are responsible for taking the time to familiarize themselves with these regulations.
  • All students must have a student identification card on them at all times.  You can get your student ID made in the Public Safety office Monday – Friday between 8a.m-4:30pm.
  • All investigations conducted by the Department of Public Safety related to students may be used in the conduct of judicial boards when it is believed that a violation of the University’s Code of Conduct has occurred. Please refer to the University’s Eagle Student Handbook for additional information listed in the Student Rights and Responsibilities section related to the judicial process and possible sanctions. The handbook is also available on the C-N Website under the “Student Affairs” section.
  • Lost & Found items are registered in the Public Safety office. 
    • To complete early registration for your Carson-Newman ID and parking pass, click here.
    • For more information about Public Safety please visit our website here.


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