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Student Voter Registration Information

Dear C-N Student,

Have you registered to vote? This will be asked of you quite often in the coming weeks before the fall election. It is an important decision and we want you to have accurate information regarding your right as an American citizen to participate in the electoral process. To insure your eligibility to vote you have to be registered. And, you should act quickly as there are registration deadlines (which vary by state). We sincerely hope the information below will inform and assist you in voting.


The Tennessee Election Commission’s voter information page will help you find the specific details of Tennessee State Voting Laws, download a voter registration application, verify your voter registration, and verify your precinct.

TEC’s main site:

To download a Tennessee voter registration form:

View voter qualifications:


For Information regarding voter registration and where to vote in Jefferson County, TN you will find the Jefferson County Election Commission website to be very helpful.


As registration deadlines vary by state you should check your home state's www.(state initials).gov site


As a university student the government allows you to vote by absentee ballot in your home district if you are away at school. Many students, both in-state and out-of-state, prefer to vote in their home precincts where they are familiar with their representatives and the issues pertaining to their hometown. You can contact your local election commission requesting that their voter registration form be mailed to you and to provide you with an absentee ballot. (Your parents may also be of assistance).

For Absentee ballot information and deadlines for various states check your home state's www. (state initials).gov site 

For Absentee ballot information for the state of Tennessee follow the link below:


IMPORTANT – If you are a Carson-Newman residential student you must provide a physical address on the voter registration card. You will not be registered iF you do not provide your physical address. The lines on the registration card are highlighted below:

The official addresses for Carson-Newman residence halls are listed below. If a Carson-Newman student lives in one of these residence halls on campus then they must use the address of their dorm to register and their C-N box number for the mailing address unless their receive their mail at another location.

You would use one of these addresses and your room number to provide a full and accurate physical address.

  1. Burnett Residence hall – 1607 Russell Ave. Jefferson City, TN 37760
  2. Sarah Swann Residence hall – 1637 Russell Ave. Jefferson City, TN 37760
  3. Butler Residence hall – 1643 Russell Ave. Jefferson City, TN 37760
  4. Alumni Residence hall – 2034 Branner Ave. Jefferson City, TN 37760
  5. Heritage/ New Men’s Residence hall – 821 N. College St. Jefferson City, TN 37760
  6. Greenbriar Apts. - 734 W. College St., Jefferson City, TN 37760
  7. Lecconte Apts. - 740 W. College St., Jefferson City, TN 37760
***   If a Carson-Newman student lives in one of these residence halls on campus then they must use the address of the hall as listed above to register and their CNU box number for the mailing address unless they receive mail at another location.
* Residence Halls 1, 2, and 3 will vote at the Jefferson Elementary School Precinct #4 on Election Day.
* Residence Halls 4, 5, 6, and 7 will vote at the Jefferson City Fire Department Precinct #10
   on Election Day.


The new voter laws have very important guidelines regarding voter identification requirements. If you are going to vote in person you will need identification. Follow the link for more details.


Once you are registered you may vote early in person, no excuse required.

In Tennessee early voting starts 20 days before an election and ends 5 days before the day of the election.

Contact your Local Election Official to learn more about early voting in your area.

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