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EPC Manual

This information is for use by members of Eagle Production Company only. 

Resource Form Links:

Event Request Form (to be completed AT LEAST two weeks before your event date)

Request for Purchase Form (to be completed AT LEAST three days before your shopping date)

EPC Design Request (to be completed AT LEAST 10 days before your marketing start date)

Equipment Reservations:

Student Activities Equipment Reservation Form (Items available - speaker system, machines, art supplies, etc.)

*Please list IN DETAIL each item that you need. As EPC, you have access to anything in the cage. If you list it in detail on the form, a student worker will pull it from the cage for you.

FYCS Equipment Reservation Form (Items available - 10x10 tents, fire pits, coolers, etc. Assorted games.) 

Maintenance Reservations - email (Items available - tables, chairs)

Venue Reservations:

Classrooms - Kelly Goble, Registrar - Classroom Reservation Form

Butler-Blanc - FYCS - Building Reservation Request

Eyrie - FYCS - Building Reservation Request

Gentry Auditorium - Anita Newport -

Holt Fieldhouse - Jill Seals, Athletics - 

Intramural Field - Corbin Hedges -

MSAC Spaces - Corbin Hedges -

 Sand Volleyball Courts - Corbin Hedges -

Stokely Dining Hall - Rebecca Greenep -

Thomas Recital Hall - Taylor Mouser -

Other Contacts: 

Cleaning Needs - Susan Rogers -

*For any use of indoor venues, you must email Susan your event date and time for cleaning.

Facility Needs - Glenda Bales - (Repairs, damages, or other needs from Maintenance)

Food approvals, catering needs - Rebecca Greenep - (All events with food for 50+ attendees must be approved by Rebecca.)

Security Needs, unlocking spaces - DPS, Adam Watson - (ahead of time), 865-548-9067 (on call)

Sound Needs - Donnie Newman -

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