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RA Application 2021

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in a Resident Assistant position for Fall 2021! We are truly excited that you are exploring the opportunity to work with the Residence Life Department of Carson-Newman University. While our process is both extensive and comprehensive, our hope is not to simply hire new staff members but to grow our team as individuals by cultivating your leadership skills.
Please take your time while completing the application. The information you provide will assist us in our hiring process. Within the selection process you will be required to meet specific deadlines which include your participation in an individual interview session and, if asked to attend, the Leadership Carousel Workshop. The following is a list of information regarding the RA position, required items to evaluate your application, and a list of important dates associated with the selection process.

Res Life

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The following will be required to process this application:

  • This completed online application
  • Your resume, attached to this online application
  • A reference letter from a Carson-Newman Faculty or Staff Member
  • A reference letter from a Carson-Newman RA

Important Dates:

November 20 - Applications Available
January 19 - Applications Due by 4:30pm
February 3 - February 14 - Individual Interviews by appointment
February 14 - Invitations sent for Carousel by 8:00pm via C-N e-mail
February 15 - Leadership Carousel Workshop 10:00am - 12:00 pm
February 17 - Notification of Applicants by 8:00pm via C-N e-mail

(These dates may be subject to change.)

A Few Pro Tips

  • You may find it easier to complete the application using a desktop rather than mobile device.
  • Because this application is an online form, it may be helpful to gather the following information in a separate document to save for your records and make it easier to complete the application. (This information will be requested later in the application, so preparing it in advance will ensure it isn't erased as you go through the online form.)
    • Check your current GPA. (You can access this in C-N Connect.)
    • Prepare answers to these questions:
      • Tell us about why you would make a great RA.
      • Tell us about a time you were able to solve a complex problem.
      • What measures would you take to help someone feel comfortable on your floor, when others seem uncomfortable with their presence?
      • How do you practice self care?
    • Contact a C-N faculty or staff member to be a reference for you, and collect their contact information.
    • Contact a C-N RA to be a reference for you, and collect their contact information.
    • Prepare your professional resume and save it as a PDF to upload.


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