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On-Campus Housing Application Instructions

1. Log in to the C-N Housing Portal.

2. First, choose "Application", then choose "Apply" next to the correct term. 


3. Choose "Start Application"


4. Verify your information, then choose "Save & Continue"


5. Complete the Emergency Contact Information, enter your Cell Phone number (if you do not have a US cell number, please enter 555-555-5555), enter any pertinent health information or leave it blank. Click "Save & Continue"


6. To live on campus, choose "Housing Contract." Then, click "Save & Continue"


7. Read the Housing Agreement. You may choose to save or print the agreement.  Then, sign by entering your 7 digit C-N ID number. Click "Save & Continue"


8. Complete the roommate profile as accurately as possible.  Please be sure the student completes this roommate profile and not the parent.  Click "Save & Continue"


9. At this page, you can search for a roommate.  Please search for a roommate utilizing one of the 3 blue links. You can stay on this page up until the auto-assign date; until you find your desired roommate.  Once you have matched with a roommate, please click "Save & Continue"


10. On this page, select "Room Selection." Click "Save & Continue"


11. The system will allow you to see any buildings you are eligible to live in that have space available.  Select your desired building. 


12. Utilize the list on the left-hand side to select different wings or floors. Select the blue "Show Room Info" to find room dimensions.  Once you have selected a room, click "Add to Cart." Then, click "Save & Continue"


13. Confirm the information is correct and click "Save & Continue"


14. The Application Summary tells you the Housing Portal is complete!


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