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Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

Carson‐Newman University has established an Emergency Response Plan, (ERP), for emergency situations that might pose a threat to the campus community, to include natural or man‐made incidents. The University understands that no emergency plan can be designed to meet every potential disaster that might arise, but that the purpose of its ERP to provide basic and reasonable administrative guidelines necessary for the management of a critical incident in concert with outside emergency responders.

In the event of a critical incident on or adjacent to the campus, the college will utilize Live Safe
to send short cell phone text messages, email and application alerts to students, faculty and staff about the incident and what they should do at that time. The University urges everyone on campus to sign up for the Live Safe. Live Safe is available through both the apple I-tunes store and Google Play if you experience problems signing up, please call the Department of Public Safety at 865-471-3559 to ask for assistance (during Normal Business Hours). The only cost that may be associated is the fees for texts your respective phone company may charge if you opt-in on this feature.

The EMP provides procedures for critical emergencies of severe weather, criminal incidents, and pandemic flu that could cause a partial or total shutdown of the campus. Various local, state, and federal emergency responders will be requested as needed, and everyone should monitor the local news, campus email, and other emergency alert systems in the local area during critical emergencies.

During inclement weather the college has a weather committee that monitors the National Weather Service in Morristown, Tennessee for local weather concerns, and the President or his designated representative will make public announcements related to canceling classes or delayed classes starting later in the day. Students and staff should make every effort to acquaint themselves with the various facilities on the campus in the event of a tornado or other major weather concerns which would force them to seek shelter in a basement or enclosed area.

The University receives outside support from the local police, fire, sheriff, county EMA and E‐911 officials during emergencies that affect the safety of the campus. The campus community should avoid any area near such an incident and cooperate with both emergency responders and school administrators to ensure their own safety. When a major incident occurs, Live Safe will be utilized to alert the campus of the incident, along with emails providing instructions to students and staff on how best to protect themselves.

A partial or total lockdown of the campus may be implemented and classrooms, offices, residence halls and recreational areas will be secured as reasonably possible.

The University has adopted a Pandemic Flu Plan, (PFP), in the event of a major outbreak on campus that would cause a partial or total shutdown of the campus. It will work closely with the local Jefferson County Health Department in the procurement of necessary medical supplies and the embedding of students too ill to care for themselves or unable to go to their respective homes.

Additional assistance will be afforded by the various on-campus departments, such as the food services, the wellness center nurse, counseling services, campus ministries, intramural, student activities, maintenance, and housekeeping and residence life.

In all instances that may require the University to close, every effort will be made to evacuate the campus, except for students who cannot go home for various reasons, to include international travel, illness or a campus wide quarantine. In the event of a required evacuation of the entire campus, the campus community will be notified Via LiveSafe, emails and in person as needed. In such situations, other emergency responders may assist in ensuring for the safest routes and for a place to go. Students are encouraged to keep both the University and their relatives aware of their whereabouts during such emergencies.

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