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Carson-Newman University Parking Regulations & Campus Map

Carson-Newman University Parking Regulations


Carson-Newman Department of Public Safety extends a welcome to our students, employees, and guests. Department of Public Safety endeavors to serve the Carson-Newman Community with courteousness, impartiality, and consistency. To ensure the parking privileges of permit holders and the community we serve, I request that all users of campus parking follow the regulations delineated here. I welcome your recommendations to assist in keeping our campus safe and secure.
It is important to note that these regulations apply to everyone who operates a motor vehicle at Carson-Newman University. Students, faculty, contractors, visitors, and staff shall not operate nor park any motor vehicle on university grounds unless eligible to do so under germane state law and Carson-Newman University regulations. For the purpose of these regulations, Title 55 of the Tennessee Traffic Laws defines a “motor vehicle” as every vehicle, including a low-speed vehicle or a medium-speed vehicle that are self-propelled, and every vehicle, including a low-speed vehicle or a medium speed vehicle that is propelled by electric power.
In order to enable a safe and orderly movement of traffic on campus, Carson-Newman University implements in full all the statutes and provisions of Tennessee Traffic Laws, including but not limited to “Stopping, Standing and Parking and Additional Parking Regulations,” specifically 55-8-160, 55-8-161 and 55-8-162 as well as the motor vehicle, traffic and parking regulations enumerated within Jefferson City Municipal Code. Additionally, it should be noted that Parking or driving is not permitted on the grass, sidewalks, in driveways, or any other area not designated for parking or driving except for authorized Carson-Newman vehicles or approved contractors.
Parking on the Carson-Newman campus requires the display of (Permanently affixed Decal ) or a valid Visitors Pass at all times, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A valid permit does not absolve you of the responsibility for finding a legal parking space. The responsibility rests with the motor vehicle operator alone and the inability to locate an opportune parking space is not a valid reason for violating parking regulations.


                                                                        Michael Iverson, Director

Department of Public Safety

                           June 4, 2020


Click here to view/download a copy of the Carson-Newman  Parking Regulations

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