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El Paso, TX/Juarez, Mexico- Border Ministry



(Est. Feb. 27 or 28 - Mar. 7)

[Please note that this trip may have to leave on Thursday Feb. 27th]



This missionary team will be traveling to the US/Mexican Border to serve migrants, immigrants, and asylum seekers.  Many individuals have been traveling for months, if not years, to reach our borders.  We desire to serve those in need, share the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ, and provide in ways that we can for those currently struggling and are surrounded by difficult and almost impossible situations.  


 We will be serving with Fellowship Southwest, a border ministry that seeks to improve lives and share the love of God with people whom others often discount and overlook.  Fellowship Southwest provides avenues for people of faith to take action on issues affecting our communities.

There will be multiple ways that this team will serve during the week.  While exact ministries are unknown at this time one can certainly expect to visit one or multiple 17 Juarez border shelters.  While there, our team may help prepare meals, serve meals, help clean or do service projects, share testimonies, interact and love on those in the shelters, listen to the immigrants stories, color and play games with the children, and teach English vocabulary.

(Some children have been out of school for up to 2 years!)

 Tentative Schedule: TBD


This team will fly to El Paso, TX where they will meet their Southwest Fellowship contacts.  They will then drive across the border to Juarez, Mexico and us a 12 passenger van for the duration of the trip.


We will be staying and serving in Jaurez, Mexico. 

Participants should expect to sleep on a provided air mattress unless notified in one of the pre-trip meetings.




 February 17





*Total cost could fluctuate due to airline pricing



  • An pre-trip informational meeting is being considered BEFORE applicants apply and details will be announced soon for those considering this SPOTS option.



  • ***PASSPORT!*** -- YOU MUST HAVE A PASSPORT!  This team will be leaving the country and missionaries must have a passport to participate.  If you plan on going on this mission experience and do not have a passport you must apply immediately.  It can often take 6+ weeks for a passport.  (You must also pay to expedite the passport)
  • Multiple Pre-trip meetings
  • Flu shot
  • Background check
  • FLEXIBILITY-- This is a very "fluid" trip.  While plans are being made specific ministries will very likely change once on the ground, dependent upon the needs that are occurring the specific week of ministry.  Participants must be flexible with changing of plans as well as cultural differences including punctuality, food, language, interaction, and worldview.
  • Culture Shock-- This will be a very rewarding but difficult trip.  It must be stressed that there is a good chance that this trip will be very emotionally intense and it has the opportunity to bring about a host of feelings.  The team will debrief each evening; however, every participant must prepare themselves for varying levels of culture shock as well as a host of emotions that could occur.  If the participant is currently not in a mentally healthy place it is advised to apply for another experience.
  • Mentality-- This trip is designed to "love the face in front of you" as Jesus Christ would.  This is not a political stand, nor desiring conflict among those on the team or those that the team interacts with.  This team is simply sharing the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ to those in need.  If this is not something that you can currently do it is advised to explore one of other 9 amazing spring SPOTS Mission Experience options.

- Limited scholarships are available.  Don't let finances stand in the way of a life-changing opportunity. (e-mail Chad Morris,  

Please consider joining this wonderful mission experience making a difference in yours and others lives!


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