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Student Employment

Maddox Student Activities Center

Recreational Services employs students to work in the Maddox Student Activities Center through the work-study program. All student employees must be qualified for work-study through the Financial Assistance Office. Once students are qualified for the work-study program, candidates are selected for employment through an application and interview process. Approximately 20-25 students are employed annually in the MSAC. Positions typically available to students in the Maddox Student Activities Center are:

Control Desk Monitor: Responsible for checking persons into the recreational areas of the MSAC, equipment check out and check in, answering the phone and some responsibilities for monitoring the game room, weight room, locker rooms and gyms.

Lifeguard: Must be currently certified as a lifeguard and have current certification in CPR. Responsible for lifeguarding free swim times in the MSAC pool, lifeguarding swim parties and other special events. Responsible for some pool maintenance.

Office Assistant: Responsible for filling in at the reception desk in the Recreational Services / Student Activities Office and performing typical office chores including answering the phone, errands across campus, minor cleaning, sorting and filing.

Pay for control desk monitors and office assistants is at the current minimum wage rate. Lifeguard pay is 50 cents per hour more than the current minimum wage rate.

Applications for student employment in the MSAC are available in the Recreational Services Office, room 1014 in the MSAC.


The intramural program employs 3 students as intramural student directors, 4 students as intramural supervisors, 2 students for field crew and up to 60 students per year as game officials. Intramural employees are not required to be work-study qualified through the Financial Assistance Office.

Intramural Student Director: This is the highest leadership position available in the intramural program. Student directors are responsible for overall administration of the intramural program under the supervision of the director of recreational services. Interested students must have experience in intramurals and sports-related activities. Selection is made through an application and interview process. Stipend is $1,200 per academic year. Weekly commitment of time averages 2-5 hours.

Intramural Supervisor: Supervisors are responsible for daily team sports operations including transporting equipment to and from the playing areas, evaluating game officials, managing in-game problems, dealing with injuries and serving as the official representative of the intramural department during games. Supervisors work one day per week for an average of 4 -6 hours per day. Selection is made through an application and interview process and pay is 25 cents per hour over the current minimum wage rate.

Field crew: The field crew is responsible for lining the intramural fields. Pay is the current minimum wage rate. Selection is made through and application process.

Game officials: Students are employed to officiate intramural games in team sports such as flag football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, arena flag football, dodgeball and softball. Pay rate varies with experience and the length of games for the sport being officiated. Games in some sports may be complete in 30 minutes and in others may run up to one hour. Minimum pay per game is $5 and maximum is $8. Students wishing to serve as an official must submit an application to the Recreational Services Office in room 1014 of the MSAC. Officials meetings and clinics are conducted for most team sports.

Applications for all intramural positions can be obtained in the Recreational Services Office in room 1014 of the Maddox Student Activities Office.

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