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Summer Staff 

Do you like....

  • playing with kids and providing a positive influence for them to remember for a lifetime?
  •  being involved in the community?
  • FREE housing and FREE food all summer long?
  • getting a steady paycheck?
  • working short workdays and having weekends off?
  • unique experiences to add to your resume including administrative experience?
  • spending time with friends at the lake all summer long?

This is only a small fraction of what Summer Staff has to offer!

If any of these seem appealing to you please look into applying for Summer Staff at Carson Newman. This is a full-time commitment summer position, including pay, free housing, and free food.  If you have any questions about the position please ask, or if this seems right up your alley, apply now!!!

Bridge Program Staff

The Bridge Program is designed to support students in the difficult transition to college life.  Bridge students complete class credits during a specialized four-week program, have opportunities to develop social connections, volunteer in the community, learn valuable academic and real-life skills, and have lots of fun attending trips to local attractions like white-water rafting, zip lining, or Dollywood!

Bridge Staff spend time connecting with the students, chaperone trips, assist in tutoring students, and support the goals of the Bridge Program.  The Bridge Staff members have high responsibility to carry out the components of the program and be high quality leaders and mentors for the students.  The Program is four weeks long during the summer, so the position commitment is approximately 6 weeks, including time for preparation.  (If Staff members need a longer time commitment for the summer, they may in some cases work Summer Staff for the remainder of the summer.)  Staff will also be asked to continue maintaining mentoring relationships with the students into the Fall semester as schedules allow. During the duration of the program, this position is a full-time commitment, and Bridge Staff receive pay, free food, and free housing during the time they work the program during the summer. 

Apply above!

 Orientation Leader

Do you call Carson-Newman your home? Do you want to make an impact on the incoming class? If you answered yes to these questions, you should apply to be an Orientation Leader! Being an Orientation Leader is one of the most rewarding experiences on this campus. In just one short week, you have the opportunity to connect with a wide variety of people that you otherwise might not have the chance to meet. Orientation Leaders get to move into the residence halls early, receive a stipend, gift, and lots of free t-shirts!  If you have any other questions, feel free to stop by Butler-Blanc or contact us!  

Eagle Guide

Being an Eagle Guide gives you an opportunity to be a mentor to first year students, and help others with things you may have struggled with in your own college transition. Eagle Guides also coordinate the First-Year Friday events to get first-year students involved with the rest of campus.  As an Eagle Guide, you will attend one LA 101 class each week as a resource for your students, and coordinate some FY-FRI events each semester.  This position is a year-long commitment to connecting with students and staff and being a resource for the FYCS family and our students.  Eagle Guides receive a stipend and gift, as well as a FREE class credit!  

First Generation Mentor

First Generation studentsare incoming freshmen whose parents did not attend a four-year university.  1G students may have unique needs in adjusting to college life, since their expectations and preparation may have been different from that of their peers.  The 1G Program assists 1G students during their transition into college life.  We offer additional support to 1G students through a monthly newsletter and events to help with FAFSA, schedule making, study habits, etc.  

The 1G Scholars Program is more hands-on, intensive assistance for a select group of 1G students who receive a scholarship and direct connections to faculty and staff 1G Advisors and first generation upperclassmen who serve as 1G Mentors.  The 1G Mentors meet with 1G students and provide support and assistance as they begin their college experience.  Aside from connecting with students, Mentors collaborate with faculty and staff to contribute to the newsletter and coordinate the 1G events.  

All 1G Mentor applicants must be first-generation students themselves, and be in their junior year for 2018-2019.  


 We're excited for you to join the FYCS Family!  Apply above by February 16th! 



First Year Services

Our First Year Services houses a multitude of programs that better acquaint students with campus life.

Conference Services

Through Conference Services, you can reserve spaces for camps, conferences, events, workshops, retreats, and more. Click here to make a reservation.


Leadership Development

B.O.L.D., or Basics Of Leadership Development, is our low ropes challenge course. Through B.O.L.D., students are able to obtain leadership skills, while simultaneously obtaining their degree.

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