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Parking Citations & Appeals

Pay a Citation

Citations are written throughout the entire year, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year if school is in session or not. Citations may be paid online or in person at the treasures office in the Fite Administration building. A financial hold on student accounts for citations will be lifted within an hour after payment. All citations must be paid within FOURTEEN (14) Days from the date of Issuance to avoid a 50 percent penalty.

To pay your parking citation fine please call or visit student accounts in the Fite Administration building. Or you may make a payment within your C-N Connect account online.


Citations may be appealed within SEVEN (7) calendar days of receiving a parking citation by submitting in person appeal to the Director of Safety and Security at 2209 Branner Ave. If you submit an appeal, you will be notified by e-mail of the decision at your Carson-Newman email address for Carson-Newman Students and employees.  All others will be contacted via the information provided. If your appeal is not sustained, you will be granted an ADDITIONAL SEVEN calendar days to appeal to the traffic appeal board via the on-line form . If you choose not to appeal further or just want to pay the fine you will have up to FOURTEEN (14) calendar days from the date of the citation or the conclusion of the appeal to pay your fine in order to avoid a 50 percent penalty.

If you choose, you may choose to appeal directly to the Traffic Appeal board, which is accomplished via the on-line form . If you choose to appeal directly to the board, you SHALL file the appeal within SEVEN (7) days of receiving the citation or the right of appeal will be forfeited. Appeals must be made by the person cited or person to whom the vehicle is registered. Oral or written requests from other persons will not be accepted except to clarify that a person cited is not an active Carson-Newman employee or student.


The following are NOT acceptable reasons for dismissing a citation and NOT valid as the basis for appeal:

Lack of knowledge of the regulations or did not see posted regulation/signage

Other vehicles were parked improperly

Only parked illegally for a short period of time/blinkers were on

Stated failure of parking officer to ticket previously for similar offenses

Late to class or appointment

Inability to pay the amount of the fine

No other place to park

Permission to park given by anyone other than a Department of Safety and Security employee

Inclement weather conditions

Parked in a Handicap Accessible access aisle (hash mark area)

How to avoid a citation

Always have your Decal displayed.

Always park between the white lines and don’t block drive ways.

Obey timed parking 7 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Finally, when in doubt, refer to your parking regulations and map, or call The Department of Safety and Security at 865-471-3559 during normal business hours. After hours security can be contacted at 865-548-9067 or via LiveSafe.

A employees or student who receives MORE THAN Three (3) citations, paid or unpaid (but not including citations under appeal) in the same academic year may be required to forfeit his or her parking privilege for the remainder of that academic year. Such a violator will be scheduled to appear before an Traffic Appeals Board. The Board will make a recommendation to the Director of Safety and Security about the forfeiture of the parking privilege. A person who parks his or her car on campus after the parking permit has been forfeited may have the car impounded until all citations are paid, including the impoundment fee.




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