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Requirements and Instructions


Community Life and Worship Program

2019-2020 Requirements and Instructions



The Community Life and Worship Program provides student-focused events which integrate faith, learning and community for students, faculty and staff.  The events will consist of chapel on Tuesday mornings (Community Worship) and other specified co-curricular programming (Community Life) open to the entire campus community.  


Core Values  

  • Develop a personal, maturing relationship with God the Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer  
  • Worship and glorify God corporately and individually  
  • Embrace community while valuing diversity 
  • Gain awareness of different Christian worship styles and faith traditions 
  • Engage global issues from a Christian perspective 
  • Live responsibly as Christ’s servants in the world 
  • Cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the fine arts 
  • Understand the mission, Baptist heritage, and traditions of Carson-Newman University 
  • Think critically about matters of faith 
  • Pursue wholeness in mind, body and soul 



All full-time undergraduate students are required to attend at least ten (10) Community Life and Worship (CLW) events per semester for a total of seven (7) semesters.  A student may bank CLW credits by attending more than 10 events in a semester.   Participation in the CLW program is required for graduation from Carson-Newman.  

Attendance at CLW will be monitored through the Campus Ministries OfficeTo receive CLW credit for an event a student is required to bring her/his valid C-N ID card to each event attended.  IDs will be scanned at the conclusion of the event.  A student must remain for the duration of the event, which will vary according to the event. 


The student’s attendance record for an event will be available for review on C-N Connect within 24 hours.  The student is responsible for checking his/her attendance and reporting in person with C-N ID any discrepancy to the Campus Ministries Office within seven (7) days of the event.  After seven days, credit will not be earned. 

A printable CLW Schedule of events is located on the C-N website (; CLW Schedule) and the EagleNet Announcement Board.  A monthly calendar is also available online at the university site (click on Events, CLW, and individual listings of CLW events for more details).  Students should check regularly for updates to the schedule, which is subject to change periodically.

 If a student fails to attend 10 CLWs each semester, the student is placed on CLW warning at the end of the semester of the deficiency.  To be removed from CLW warning, a student must make up the shortage of CLWs plus the current semester’s requirement.  For example, if 7 CLWs were attended in the first semester, 3 plus 10, or 13 would have to be attended during the next semester enrolled to be removed from CLW warning

 If, during the next semester of enrollment, the student fails to attend 10 CLWs plus the shortage of CLWS from the first semester, the student is placed on CLW probation.  If the probationary student fails to attend a total of 30 CLWs (a minimum of 10 per semester) by the end of the third semester of deficient CLW attendance, the student will be suspended from the university. 

If the student has attended 10 CLWs for each semester of full-time enrollment, CLW attendance will not be required during the student’s semester of graduation as indicated on an approved degree plan.  

A transfer student is required to attend every semester while enrolled as a full-time student, except during the student’s semester of graduation.   A student who has completed 120 credit hours is not required to attend CLW.  A student who has previously received a baccalaureate or graduate degree or a non-traditional student (twenty-five years of age by the last day of the semester) is waived from the CLW requirement.  



Under special circumstances, or in extreme cases, a student may apply for a CLW Waiver.  CLW Waivers may be provided to students who cannot attend CLW events and who complete the appropriate request form (, or Campus Ministries House, 2214 Branner Avenue, adjacent to the Maddox Student Activities Center) and submit to the Campus Ministries Office within three weeks of the first day of classes.  CLW waivers will normally be given to students who have conflicts resulting from curricular demands such as student teaching and nursing clinicals.   Student work schedules will be considered, but do not guarantee a waiver of the CLW requirement. 

Students with extenuating circumstances must apply for a CLW Waiver each semester. The Waiver Request Form is located at the C-N website (, Waiver Request Form) or at the Campus Ministries Office.  The application must be completed and returned to the Campus Ministries Office by the last day to drop classes at the beginning of the semester.  The Director of Campus Ministries will render a decision regarding the waiver request and notify the student. 


Conduct and Dress 

All events--Please arrive on time and know that tardiness can result in a student not being admitted to an event. Common courtesy and respect for others should be observed. Sleeping and studying are not acceptable. Use of cell phones, laptops, ear buds, and other electronic devices is prohibited. Drinking and eating during events are also prohibited unless permitted by the sponsoring department, organization or group. Appropriate dress is determined by the nature of an event and should be taken into consideration. If there is a question regarding attire, the student should contact the sponsoring organization in advance. Failure to comply to these instructions may result in denial of CLW credit for the event.

During formal recitals/concerts the audience generally applauds after a set or a group of pieces (not after each selection). The best suggestion is to wait until the experienced concertgoers begin their applause and then join with them.

Community Worship (Tuesday Chapels)-- First Baptist Church sanctuary doors will be locked at 9:35 a.m. for Tuesday morning chapel services to avoid disruption of worship. Head gear (examples-- baseball and knit caps) is not acceptable for male or female students out of respect and reverence in worship during university chapel and should be removed upon entering. Food and beverages are not permitted in the sanctuary. Inappropriate conduct and/or dress may result in denial of CLW credit for the service.

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