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Zombie Rules

CANCELED -- The Zombie Run 5K has been CANCELED


Zombie Run Rules (Because Zombies Rule!) 

This is a family friendly event, please be considerate with costumes / make-up.

Race Day:

  • You must be at least 12 years of age or older to run in the Zombie Run.
  • Race Day Registration begins at 2:30pm on November 4th, 2012.
  • All runners are required to check in on race day before 3:15 pm.
  • All runners should wear clothing that they don’t mind getting permanently “bloody” (red paint).
  • All humans will be given a Zombie Run 4 Your Life Collectors T-Shirt on race day, along with a numbered bib which they are required to wear during the race. 

- Humans will begin their run at 3:30 pm at the Carson-Newman College Intramural Field. 

- Zombies will be released 60-90 seconds later to go forth and “infect” as many as they can. 

- Zombies will be equipped with red paint on their hands which they will transfer to the humans in order to “infect” them.  If a human is tagged with red paint visible on their shirt, they have been “infected”.  Once a human is infected, they can choose to complete the transformation into a zombie at the next blood bank and try to infect others, or they can continue the race seemingly immune to the zombie bug.  Once a human is infected, he/she is no longer eligible for an award.


Awards: Only runners who have crossed the finish line uninfected will be eligible for awards.

Best uninfected time

Male and Female in the following age brackets:

(12-17) (18-24) (25-35) (36-45) (46-55) (above 55)

Team with the highest survival rate

The team who gets the most members across the finish line uninfected will receive a Carson-Newman 2012 Intramural T-Shirt.  If there are several teams with the same number of surviving runners the winner will go to the team with the best run time among the surviving runners. 

Zombie March

Before the race a Zombie March will be held to parade the registered Zombies.  A 2012 Intramural T-Shirt will be given to the best dressed Zombie – this is the only award available for Zombies.  The best dressed Zombie will be voted on by those present.


Human Rules:

  • No hitting, kicking, biting or otherwise harming the zombies or other humans.
  • Once you have been infected you can choose to:

1)     Run to the nearest blood bank to complete the zombie transformation and continue the race infecting others,

2)     Complete the run seemingly immune to the zombie bug (either way, once a human has been “infected” he/she is not eligible for an award).

  • Humans must stay on the designated path for the duration of the race (infected or not).


Zombie Rules: (also applicable for infected humans)

  • No hitting, kicking, biting, or otherwise harming the humans (this includes eating brains).
  • To “infect” a human, the zombie must tag them on their shirt only, please no grabbing of humans or their clothing.
  • Zombies cannot infect anything but humans running in the zombie run; do not try to infect spectators or objects along the run path.
  • Zombies must stay on the designated path for the duration of the race.


Blood Banks:

These will be stationed along the path for zombies and infected humans to refill their “infected” hands.  Red paint will be used as the medium and “nurses” will place the “blood” into the runners’ hands so they can continue to infect others.


Violation of any rules will result in disqualification without refund; we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable undead experience! 

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