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Refugee/Immigrant, Widow, & Healthcare Ministry- St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, MO- March 4-11

As Christians we are called to seek justice, free the oppressed, take the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the window, and befriend those who have none.  This mission team will be seeking to live out this challenge through a ministry named, Restore Saint Louis.  While serving, this team will be mobilized to help with practical needs of widows, orphans, and recent immigrants and refugees that have found their way to the city of St. Louis. 

What does this look like?  This mission team will be one team but have two missions.  The majority of the week this team will be serving together; however, at some points throughout the week the team will split and some will serve various practical needs through a ministry called, “Workday” while others will focus specifically on healthcare needs through a ministry called, “Health Connection”. 

Missionaries will be helping care for the residents in need.  Some of these needs may be as simple as cleaning an elderly widow’s home or visiting with her and listening to her story and sharing lives together.  It could also mean serving physical needs, such as removing leaves from gutters, light yard work, or building a wheelchair ramp. 

Specifically, St. Louis has a number of Syrian, Burundi, and Hispanic refugees and immigrants.  They recently received 16 Syrian refugee families displaced from the Syrian war.  The Restore St. Louis Ministry is in need of individuals willing to be conversation partners. (Specifically, females with the women refugees.)  You will be getting to know them and sharing your life story while allowing them to practice their newfound English skills.  Practicing their English is vital for them to interact in a new city, country, and culture. 

Our healthcare missionaries will volunteer to serve as health advocates.  They will focus on general health assessment and health education.  There is a possibility that a health fair could be set-up and our missionaries will help run this opportunity.  They will also be meeting with immigrant/refugees to form relationships and to help facilitate their healthcare needs.

This team will be staying in housing provided by Restore St. Louis and will have various teachings and training provided by the ministry staff.


This trip also includes a ticket to Six Flags Amusement Park.  The team will end their trip celebrating a great week of ministry at Six Flags over St. Louis.

Non-Refundable Deposit ($100) and Application DUE: February 3rd

All Inclusive Cost: $355

Capacity: 10 (Looking for 5 Nursing, Pre-med, Nutrition, and Healthcare Majors)  

Check it out:   Restore Saint Louis

(BEFORE you apply please read the 2017 Spring SPOTS Important Dates & Instructions)


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