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Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN-- March 3-9

Elvis, Beale St., The Grizzlies, Memphis Barbecue, and great music are just a few of the things that make Memphis great. And while this S.P.O.T.S. Team will get to experience many of the wonderful sides of Memphis they will also help to serve the more difficult and challenging areas that may not be seen on TV or a T-shirt. There is much work to do to help ensure justice for all Memphis citizens and this team will get to partner with many hard-working organizations fighting for equality throughout the city of Memphis.

Serve 901 Ministry seeks to renew perspective on civic advocacy, interdependence, and respect for diversity through serving in multiple avenues and critical reflection upon the service that is experienced.

This S.P.O.T.S. Team will serve with various colleges across the US working in afterschool and educational programs.  While serving teams are encouraged to form mentoring relationships through everything from homework to basketball to coloring.  This team will also seek out a sense of justice for all people, not just through the educational process, but through a variety of options showing an array of ways that serving people is also serving the city in which they live. 

This new exciting S.P.O.T.S. location may allow for this group to experience:
• Neighborhood Beautification: Many communities have vacant homes where the actual property owner lives in a different state & does not keep up the property. Fight the blight! This is done in conjunction with community development organizations.
• Homeless Ministry: Help serve meals at the local men’s homeless shelter or cook a meal at a local church that regularly has a meal for their neighbors.
• Urban Farming: Many under-resourced neighborhoods are dubbed food deserts as it can be easier to find junk food than fresh fruit and vegetables. We do a lot of work to come alongside these initiatives to provide manual labor! This also serves as a very practical learning opportunity!
• Roundtable Breakfast: An opportunity to share with students from other parts of the country about what you've learned and how could you enact change or address injustices in the communities that you know?

This team will be staying in the on-campus facilities provided by Serve 901 Ministry as well as get to experience the National Civil Rights Museum and of course tour some of the best locations and eateries in the city! Come help incite change to both yourself and to one of our nation's most historic cities!

Capacity: 10

Check it out: Serve 901 Ministry (See more info and a sample week schedule)

Non-Refundable Deposit ($75) and Application Deadline: February 1st

Remaining Balance due February 23rd

Price: $195

Please read the SPOTS Important Dates & Instructions Guide before applying


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