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May-Term Opportunity-- Haiti

May-Term Opportunity

Study Abroad S.P.O.T.S. Experience May-Term 2017

C-N Course Credit: Nursing 417 or N515

2 Teams:

Group 1 – May 7-14 (This could fluctuate a couple of days depending on the price of airline tickets. This will be determined in January when the tickets are purchased.)

Group 2 – May 14-21 (This could fluctuate a couple of days depending on when the first group ticket dates are set.  This will be determined in January when the tickets are purchased.)

 Haiti- Medical Ministry

Missionaries will be serving in various locations within Haiti.  These teams will be traveling in Haiti from Port-au-Prince to Hinche to provide medical clinics in churches and prisons. No Spanish, French, or Creole abilities are required; however, language skills will be extremely helpful.  Translators will be provided. This trip reserves the right to give priority to nursing, pre-nursing, pre-med, and pre-health profession students; however, all are welcome to apply.  If there are slots available for additional non-health related majors, then these applicants will be given the opportunity to go.

Every applicant will need:
1. Current Passport- If you do not have a passport or your passport has expired please apply for a new one immediately!
2. Immunizations: Travelers Clinic Knox County Health Department – 865- 215-5071
CDC recommendations
b. For
Haiti Specific
- Hepatitis A
- Hepatitis B
- Typhoid
- Rabies

- Polio (need adult booster) Recommended by IMA – Dr. Betterton

- Tetanus

Antimalarial medication – gets prescription from health care provider

Mosquito Repellant - >%50 Deet

Medication for traveler’s diarrhea – get prescription from health care provider.

Weather: Hot 85-95 degrees during day 70-80’s at night

Clothing – Cotton Scrubs – comfortable and cool.

Study Abroad Course Credit- Nursing 417 (Undergraduate) or N515 (Graduate)

Any student going on this trip can get N417or N515 credit for up to 3 hrs. This course will be added to your schedule at the beginning of spring semester.
Students going on these trips will meet a few times during the spring semester to prepare for the trip. We have to take medications and other resources with us so there is some preparation necessary before the trip leaves.

*Capacity: Limited Space is available!

NOTE: Due to the popularity and limited availability there is a year to year waiting list for this trip. We are now offering two separate weeks for this S.P.O.T.S. opportunity to try to accommodate as many people as possible. Participants must place their names on this list ASAP if they want to be considered for acceptance.

To sign-up on the waiting list and/or obtain additional information please contact Dr. Sue McBee, Assistant Professor of Nursing, as soon as possible! ( 865-471-3501)

Non-Refundable Deposit ($100): December 15th


$1,200- 1 Week

$1,500- 2 Weeks

If you have already been selected and have reserved your place with your deposit to Dr. McBee please register/apply below:


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