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Intellectual Property Rights Policy

The following policy applies to faculty, staff, and students.

Academic Works: Unless Carson-Newman University provides prior notice to the contrary, the intellectual property rights to any material created by students to satisfy an academic requirement for a course in which they are enrolled belong to the student who creates the material. Faculty may require students to submit their materials to third parties as a requirement for course credit.

Student Employee Works: The intellectual property rights to all materials created at the request and direction of Carson-Newman University within the scope of a student employment position belong to the University.

Student Club, Group and Organization Works: The intellectual property rights to any materials created by students in the course and scope of their participation in co-curricular activities of student organizations chartered by Carson-Newman University belong to the University.

Research: The administration looks with favor upon faculty members engaging in research. This activity provides an opportunity for students to learn, by observation and participation, how knowledge is obtained. It helps faculty members to keep alert and fresh in their fields, contributes to the world's store of knowledge, and attracts favorable attention to the University. In view of the fact that the investigators usually are making a contribution of their own free time toward the research, and that financially profitable inventions rarely arise from such projects, the college allows investigators to own in their own name any patents or copyrights which they may obtain as a result of their research. However, special patent agreements are usually required of grantees in connection with government and foundation grants and patent laws automatically confer certain rights on the employer whose facilities are used in making an invention.

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