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Security Guard


Department: Department of Public Safety

Reports To: Security Supervisor, Deputy Director and Director

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt (hourly)

Time Requirement: This position is designated for full-time employment. Duty hours change with little notice and is scheduled for 12-hour shifts. Frequent overtime is expected to cover department personnel absences due to vacation, sick leave, training or other reasons as approved by the Director.

Summary: Works under general supervision, is responsible for institutional and related security work of average difficulty; and performs related work as required. Provides liaison to local, state and federal law enforcement officers, emergency management agencies and university leadership at all levels. This position is armed or unarmed at the discretion of the Director and Deputy Director of Public Safety.

Distinguishing Features: This is an entry-working class position in the security guard sub-series, an employee in this class may be assigned to work any shift, providing a full range of institutional and other security activities, such as protection of people and buildings.
Education: High School Diploma or GED

Performing General Physical Activities:
• Responds to calls and takes appropriate action to assist in emergency situations.
• Searches for and apprehends missing or unauthorized individuals.
• Performing for or Working Directly with the Public:
o Controls entrance and exit of individuals by checking for identity, purpose of visit and authorization.
o Escorts individuals to ensure their safety.
• Documenting/Recording Information:
o Prepares and maintains records such as incident reports, vehicle citations, logs of visitors and others, and personal property reports.
o Submits comprehensive, prompt, timely and accurate incident reports (usually within 24 hours).
• Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
• Provides information to supervisor by telephone, in written form, e-mail or in person to address any security concerns.
• Communicating with Persons outside Organization:
o Communicates with law enforcement agencies to report incidents, provide information, and/or request assistance.
o Testifies in various courts of law and student disciplinary hearings on campus as needed.
• Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings:
o Patrols facilities, monitors alarms, and checks for security, hazards, disturbances, and violations of pertinent laws, rules, or regulations.
o Visually monitors individuals to ensure safety and compliance with policies, rules, and regulations.             • Operating Vehicles, Mechanized Devices, or Equipment:
o Operates patrol and transport vehicles to complete security patrols or transport valuables and individuals.
Controlling Machines and Processes:
o Operates two-way radios and other communications devices to accomplish security tasks.
1. Ethics and Values
2. Conflict Management
3. Written Communication
4. Customer Focused
5. Decision Quality
6. Problem Solving
7. Approachability
8. Interpersonal Savvy
9. Dealing with Ambiguity
10. Action Oriented

1. Basic reading comprehension skills
2. Active listening skills
3. Active learning skills
4. Basic speaking skills
5. Basic writing skills
6. Social perceptiveness

• Tools and Equipment Used:
1. Motor Vehicle (must possess a valid driver’s license and be accept by C-N Insurance carrier)
2. Security surveillance/monitoring equipment
3. Two-way radio and other communication equipment
4. Restraint devices and other security equipment
5. Some computer experience

Employee Expectations: The University expects all employees to conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate for a Christian institution and to be worthy examples in moral conduct and behavior for the students of the University and fellow employees.

Only complete application packets will be considered. A complete application packet will include a letter of interest, references, and resume. Please, send the packet electronically to:


Human Resources, Attn: Staff Recruiting
Carson-Newman University
Jefferson City, TN 37760


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