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Freshman Merit Scholarships

2020-2021 Freshman Merit Scholarships

Listed below are scholarships for entering freshmen who will begin their studies in 2020 fall.  The merit scholarship a student earns upon entering the University will be renewed each year as students enroll as full-time students each semester (minimum of 12 credit hours) and obtain satisfactory academic standing each year.  Students should successfully complete 30 credit hours each academic year.  This will enable students to successfully progress toward graduation within four years.  Merit scholarships are renewable for up to three years for a total of four years of merit scholarship.

You can start earning scholarships as early as your freshman year of high school with our RaiseMe micro-scholarships.  Learn more about how an A in math or an hour of community service can start building your scholarship dollars.

Online-only and returning Carson-Newman University students are not eligible for these freshman scholarships or the RaiseMe micro-scholarships.

All incoming freshmen who are admitted to the University will automatically be considered for these scholarships.  No additional application is required.

Recipients are selected primarily on the basis of the strength of their applications for admissions. The scholarship profiles described below are based on a combination of high school GPA and ACT (or SAT equivalent) composite test scores submitted at time of acceptance.  Any additional SAT/ACT scores must be submitted by January of your senior year.  To be considered for additional University need based aid, recipients should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), listing Carson-Newman University with federal code 003481 no later than August 1st before your fall start of the semseter.

Presidential Scholarship- Amount $14,000- recognizes and rewards students who rank among the strongest in the nation. Recipients are those students who are marked not only by significant accomplishment in their academic and personal lives, but who show extraordinary potential for success as leaders of the future. Students with a 3.90 high school GPA and a 26 ACT score on average are eligible.

Dean’s Scholarship- Amount $12,000- recognizes students who have demonstrated exemplary academic achievement and leadership and are capable of high achievements, contributing scholarly perspectives to the classroom and campus life. Students with a 3.65 high school GPA and a 24 ACT score on average are eligible.

Faculty Scholarship- Amount $10,000- recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and are able to contribute leadership in the classroom and campus life. Students with at 3.30 high school GPA and a 22 ACT score on average are eligible.

Achievement Award- Amount $8,000- recognizes students who have demonstrated academic success and are capable of continued academic success at Carson-Newman. Students with a 3.0 high school GPA and a 21 ACT score on average are eligible.

Opportunity Award- Amount $6,000- recognizes students who also have the potential for continued academic success. Students with a 2.70 high school GPA and a 19 ACT score on average are eligible.

Please visit our Net Price Calculator to get an estimate of what other enrolled students who filed a FAFSA have previously been awarded in gift aid.  For application questions, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Additionally, the University offers other competitive scholarship and gift aid opportunities, so be sure check for application deadlines.

Please note that undocumented high school seniors and DACA students should work with both our Admissions Office and Financial Aid Office on aid that may be available to you from the University. Additionally, the Net Price Calculator is not applicable to non-FAFSA filers seeking enrollment.

(University grants and scholarships are generally tuition based. Therefore, receipt of external funds that are also tuition based will reduce institutional grant and scholarship eligibility.)

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