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Withdrawing from the University

Sometimes life gets in the way of staying enrolled in your classes.  We understand that.  If you need to drop all your classes and leave the University before the end of a term, you must initiate an official withdrawal by contacting the Financial Aid Office and fulfill C-N's requirements.

Withdrawing from the University is likely to affect you financially as well as academically.  Sometimes it might be better to drop courses and remain enrolled rather than to completely withdraw from all classes. Contact a Financial Aid Counselor to learn more.

If you are looking for information on dropping a course instead of withdrawing from all courses, contact your advisor or the Registrar's Office.

Steps to Officially Withdraw from C-N

1) Check the academic calendar & catalog to see specific deadlines regarding your percentage billed for tuition, fees, and/or room and board, as well as dates for W's, WP's, or WF's on your transcript.

2) Meet with a Financial Aid Counselor to discuss your options (or call/email if you are not on campus).  You may decide that staying enrolled is the best option financially and/or academically.  If you still wish to withdraw, you will need to complete the required paperwork.  If you have called to discuss your options, you must email from your C-N email account your intent to officially withdraw before the required paperwork may be initiated. 

Unofficially Withdrawing from C-N

Regardless of your lack of official notification, ceasing attendance in all your courses before the end of the term will require an unofficial administrative withdrawal review.  For unofficial administrative withdrawals, your earned aid calculation will be completed as required (see Effects on Financial Aid below).  Unearned aid is returned to the appropriate program(s), and your paperwork will be mailed to the address we have on file.

Charges, Refunds, & Effects on Financial Aid


By registering and beginning attendance in any of your classes, you are incurring charges.  Withdrawing from C-N does not cancel any fees and charges you have already incurred, but the effective date you withdraw will determine whether or not you will be given any percentage refund for your charges and determine the percentage of financial aid you have earned since your charges and financial aid are both assessed on a percentage basis.


The University's tuition refund schedule is outlined in the University catalog.  You may also want to contact a Financial Aid Counselor to find out if you are eligible for any refund of tuition and fees.

Effects on Financial Aid

Recipients of financial aid should contact a Financial Aid Counselor before withdrawing.  All or a portion of financial aid may have to be repaid to the respective aid programs, depending on your withdrawal date, and/or TN Hope Scholarship Recipients may forfeit future Hope Scholarship eligibility by ceasing attendance.  Additionally, if you are loan recipient, C-N will update your enrollment as required, and this update will begin your grace period and repayment obligations through your loan provider.

C-N follows federal policy and procedures for calculating the Return of Title IV funds for financial aid. This calculation is based on a percentage of earned aid:

    # of days you have attended classes / # of days you were expected to enroll in the term

Each day of attendance increases the amount of aid you have earned.  When you attend classes through the 60% point of the term, you have earned 100% of your aid.  Each calendar day in a term is considered a term day, except any breaks of 5 or more days like spring break for example.  For the exact number of days in each term, contact a Financial Aid Counselor.

If you do not officially withdraw and our office is notified that you have received all F's, you may be considered as an unofficial administrative withdrawal.  Unless our office is able to determine that you attended past the 60% point in time, your aid calculation will be processed as unofficial administrative withdrawal, and you will only earn a maximum of 50% of your aid per federal policies and procedures, incurring 100% of your charges.

Effects on Transcripts

Check the academic calendar for specific dates that will determine what is reflected on your transcript based on your official or unofficial withdrawal dateCourses you withdraw from will count toward your attempted hours for your financial aid and satisfactory academic progress and/or your time frame limits for state funding.

 Returning to C-N

If you withdraw from all your classes in a term, you will need to apply for re-admission in advance of your next term of anticipated enrollment.

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