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Verification Process

Verification Process

Not all students will be selected for the verification process.  For those who are selected, Carson-Newman's Financial Aid Office is here to help.

Verification is a process used to confirm certain information you provided on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Some students are selected by the U.S. Department of Education randomly or because FAFSA data was incomplete, estimated, or inconsistent, while others may be selected by our office based on conflicting information. 

If you are selected for verification, Carson-Newman is required to collect documentation from you to confirm or correct the information reported on your FAFSA.  If selected, you will receive a letter detailing the documentation needed from you to complete the process.  The verification process ensures that eligible students receive all the aid for which they qualify.

Regardless of why you were chosen, our office will work with you to collect the proper documentation.  Carson-Newman may issue you an award letter with tentative aid, but we will not be able to apply aid to your student account until verification is complete.  Please understand that your financial aid is subject to change as a result of verification.

Not all students will need the same documentation, so pay special attention to your letter. Please do not send documents unless requested.  Generally, however, you will need at least the following:

It is important that all documents requested be returned as quickly as possible to avoid delays.  If you have amended your tax return(s), we will need a copy of the original and the amended version.  If you have requested an extension for filing your tax return(s), please send a copy of the extension until you are able to provide that filed tax information.  Completing this process as soon as possible cannot be overstressed.  We want to be able to give you accurate financial aid, rather than tentative aid that is subject to change.  Please understand that all information will be kept confidential in our office.  Once your file has been reviewed, it may be necessary to correct your FAFSA information. If we have corrected information while you are in verification, please do not correct your FAFSA back to what you originally filed, as this will create further delays.

All documents and forms may be mailed or faxed to the Office of Financial Aid.

Carson-Newman University
Office of Financial Aid
1646 Russell Avenue
Jefferson City, TN 37760
Fax: 865-471-2035
Please submit documentation no later than the following guidelines for each term:
Fall Term August 1st
Spring Term December 1st
Summer Term May 1st
Other Terms Two weeks prior to start date

For questions about the verification process, please contact the Financial Aid Office by phone at (800) 678-9061, (865) 471-3247, or by email at

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