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Important "Don'ts" for Any Scholarship Search

  • Don't Get Scammed- There are many free scholarship searches that are reliable, but you should use caution for any search that asks for money. If you have to pay money to receive money, it is probably a scam. Consult the Federal Trade Commission website for more tell-tale signs of scholarship scams. also has a good reference page regarding scholarship searches.
  • Don't Pay for a Scholarship Service- As stated above you shouldn't have to pay to find scholarships. There are many reliable and FREE scholarship search services, so we do not recommend paying for a search service. You may also do a more manual search, such as visiting your local library, reviewing published scholarship books, asking a high school guidance counselor, or visiting a college financial aid office for information they may have readily available.
  • Don't Miss Deadlines- Make a list of scholarship deadlines and plan to respond before that date. Make note if you need other information to submit, such as a reference letter from a teacher or professor or documentation of your financial need results from your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) filing. If you need something from someone else, please plan accordingly. Asking someone at the last minute for a letter or documentation is not a good idea. Give that person at least two weeks to fulfill your request (one week at the very minimum).
  • Don't Rule a Scholarship Out- Apply for a scholarship even if you think you might not get it. You won't know until you try. Really consider writing that essay if one is needed. Other students may have decided not to even try because of an essay requirement, so the application pool may be smaller, giving you an even higher chance of winning.

So now that you have read the "Don'ts," get ready to DO!  Go apply for as many as you want through free scholarship searches. We wish you the best in your scholarship search! As always, if you have questions, please contact the Carson-Newman Financial Aid Office and/or check EagleNet for scholarship updates if you are a C-N Student.


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