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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Initial Eligibility & Satisfactory Academic Progress (FASAP)

 1) Initially, to be eligible to receive financial assistance, students must be enrolled in an eligible program.  Financial assistance is considered renewable up to 150% of the approved program of study, provided the student satisfies the standards of Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (FASAP) as outlined below.

2) A student will be considered as making satisfactory progress in receiving financial assistance provided that:

  • The student is eligible to re-enroll at Carson-Newman University; and
  • The student is making progress at a rate not less than demonstrated by the following qualitative and quantitative scales: 

Qualitative FASAP

Degree Type

Number of Cumulative Credit Hours Attempted

Minimum Cumulative GPA Required

Bachelors 1-30 1.50
  31-45 1.70
  46-59 1.90
  60+ 2.00
Masters 1+ 3.0

Quantitative FASAP

In addition to the above, students must earn 67% of Attempted Credit Hours to qualify as listed below:

Attempted Credit Hours

Minimum Credit Hours to Earn (67%)

30 20
24 16
12 8
9 6
6 or less 4

Maximum Timeframe

Type of Degree

Number of Required Credits for Degree

Maximum Cumulative Attempted Credits (150%)

Bachelors 120 180

Masters- Consult catalog for specific degree requirements

33+ 150%

Zero Term GPA (0.00)

If you have a 0.00 GPA in a term, the Registrar will determine if you completed and earned all F's in your classes.  If the Registrar determines that you stopped attending every class, you will be processed by the Financial Aid Office as an unofficial withdrawal.  Refer to the “Withdrawal from Carson-Newman” section for more information.

FASAP Evaluation Process (Process Illustration)

  • REVIEW Each Term: Review for SAP will be conducted at the conclusion of each term, including summer.  Students who are determined to be ineligible for further aid will be notified.  It is your responsibility to ensure that lost eligibility is restored. 
  • WARNING Status: Students will have one semester of WARNING on the first instance of a failed FASAP calculation. Warning notice will be sent to students' CN email account if e-consent is on file. 
  • UNSATISFACTORY Status: A subsequent calculation failing FASAP will result in Financial Assistance UNSATISFACTORY standing (suspension), and students will be ineligible for financial assistance unless they have a successful appeal. Unsatisfactory notice will be sent to CN email account if e-consent on file.
  • PROBATION Status: Students that filed a successful appeal from an unsatisfactory status will be granted a one term probation in which they will be eligible for financial aid.  After the probation term, students must meet the standards satisfactorily to continue aid eligibility.
  • W, F, or I Grades: All grades of F, W, WP, WF, U, or I will not count as hours earned but will count as hours attempted.
  • REPEATED Hours: Repeated hours will count towards attempted hours, but may not be countable in enrollment status for the term depending upon number of times repeated for a grade.   For example, if you earned 3 hours with a grade of “D” twice, and you decide to repeat the course to earn a better grade, the repeated 3 hours will not count in your enrollment status for the term that it is a second repeat.  Hence, your enrollment status for the term will be calculated as: registered credit hours –  second or more repeated credit hours = enrollment status for federal financial aid purposes.  This is subject to change as Federal Regulations are subject to change.  All attempted hours will count against your 150% of degree credits limitation.
  • TRANSFER Credits: Transfer credits accepted by Carson-Newman University will also count in attempted and total earned hours. 
  • TELS HOPE Awards:  Evaluation to determine continued eligibility for TELS HOPE awards will occur upon attempting 24, 48, 72, 96, and 120 hours for coursework completed after high school graduation and is a separate process than FASAP calculations.  If you fail to meet TELS SAP, you will be sent a written letter with important information, and future TELS awards may not be available to you.  Click HERE for more information regarding TELS HOPE continuation requirements. Your TELS HOPE GPA is not calculated the same as your CN GPA calculation.
  • APPEALS FASAP:  Students may appeal an unsatisfactory status for FASAP calculation.  Appeals must be made by the deadline given in each notification.  (Forms)
  • APPEALS TELS HOPE Loss: Students may appeal TELS HOPE loss on reasons other than GPA.











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