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HOPE Renewal GPA Calculator

The Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS) HOPE funding requires a student to meet certain renewal GPAs at each renewal benchmark:

Attempted Hours Benchmark Renewal Cumulative TELS HOPE GPA Required
24 2.75
48 2.75
72 & 96



Cumulative GPA of 2.75-2.99 AND a semester GPA of at least a 3.0 in the preceding term of receiving the award (provisional status)

The TELS HOPE GPA may not be the same as your Carson-Newman University GPA, so use the following Excel calculator to determine your estimated TELS HOPE GPA: 

 HOPE GPA Calculator (Excel Version)

Students without Excel may review the calculation process below:

TYPE of Credit Hours on Transcript Do credits count for TELS HOPE GPA? Do quality points count for TELS HOPE GPA? Do credits count in C-N University GPA? Do quality points count for C-N Unversity GPA?
Graded Courses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Repeats- R Yes Yes Replaces- does not average Replaces- does not average
Dual Enrolled Courses No No Yes Yes
 CLEP Hours  No No  Yes No
 W credits  Yes  No No No
WF credits Yes Yes Yes Yes

Official TELS HOPE GPAs will be calculated by the University and are completed at the end of every semester for every Tennessee HOPE eligible student.  Students are notified via email when the official calculation indicates a student is no longer eligible for lottery funding.  Students that have lost HOPE Lottery funding are eligible to regain at the next benchmark by meeting the renewal GPA requirements.

The TELS HOPE Lottery funding eligibility ends when a student has attained a baccalaureate degree OR has attempted 120 semester hours OR 5 years have passed from initial enrollment at any post-secondary institution---whichever occurs first.  Exceptions may be available to students with documented medical disabilities.  Students enrolled in a program of study greater than 120 hours may receive the award for up to 136 attempted hours OR the number of hours required to earn degree, whichever is less.  Most undergraduate degree programs at Carson-Newman University require 120 semester hours, so funding ceases at 120 attempted hours.



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