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Lost and Found Items

Lost and found items, turned in by a member of the community or found by an officer, are logged in on a daily basis during the week (Monday through Friday) and are stored in the security office for thirty days. After thirty days the items and their contents are donated to local charity. In order to claim a lost item, you must bring a photo identification card.

Inquiries can be made into lost items on weekdays between the hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm.

By Phone: (865) 471-3559

In Person: Safety & Security Office

You've Been Ripped Off

"You've Been Ripped Off!" Program
Operation "You Could Have Been Ripped Off!" we believe this service will make a dramatic appearance on campus, by conducting unannounced visits at various residence halls, administrative buildings, and our classrooms.

"Ripped Off" Cards will be placed on unsecured doors and belongings to remind students and employees to close and lock doors to rooms and offices when they are leaving the area, and in public areas to not leave their belongings unattended, in order to protect themselves against theft

Bike patrol

In March 2006 Carson-Newman University initiated a trial base Security Bicycle Patrol Unit. The development of the service was desirable in consideration of:

Proven record of service - Bicycle Patrol units have been in operation in Security and law enforcement organizations for many years. Many Universities and like organizations around the World are known to use bike patrols.

Reliable and cost efficient - After initial expenditure on equipment the bikes are very cheap to operate and maintain. The initial purchase of equipment is itself relatively inexpensive compared to other vehicle based patrolling techniques.

Positive approachable image - Officers on bikes are much more approachable than those in vehicles. Bikes do not provide the same physical barrier to communication and approach that is unavoidable in cars. The location of the Officer in relation to environment is desirable as it allows him/her to identify cues to security/safety issues more readily. Environmentally friendly - Bikes are an environmentally friendly alternative to other vehicles. Bikes are a quiet and clean way to move about the campus without adding to the daily campus traffic/parking load.

Highly Visible - Officers on bikes are highly visible and can move around the campus quickly and efficiently. The deterrent effect of visible patrolling is well known and encouraged. Safety - Bikes are safe means of transport both for the rider and in consideration of the reduction of risk to other campus users.

Operational Efficiency - The physical nature of the campus tied to the patterns of use by the community make bikes an efficient way of moving about. Bikes are highly visible when on routine patrol and offer a means for rapid response to any emergency elsewhere on the campus. Officers on bikes are known to be able to respond more quickly than those in vehicles in many circumstances while maintaining high levels of safety. Bikes provide a quiet, efficient and proactive means to patrol relatively large areas in short time frames.

Personnel Considerations - Bikes provided an opportunity for Officers to improve their physical fitness while performing duty. In addition, the inclusion of this means of patrolling increased work diversity and interest.

Since the introduction of the service, feedback from the Campus community has been very positive. The community appears to appreciate the advantages of the technique and clearly encourages the community based nature of this type of service. Bicycle Patrol Officers wear a distinctive uniform when engaged on this duty. Certain uniform variations are dictated by Occupational Health and Safety and Officer comfort considerations. Bicycle Patrol Officers wear helmets when riding as this is a requirement under our insurance policy.

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