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Recent Graduate Membership (Complimentary Blue Level benefits)
We recognize that recent graduates can face financial challenges as they begin their careers. In order to stay connected with our newest alumni members we would like to extend a complimentary invitation to the Orange & Blue Society for five years post-graduation to help and encourage our recent grads to stay connected.

Membership Pricing Information

• Orange - $100 / year
• Blue - $25 / year
• Lifetime - $2,100 *when paid in one payment
• Lifetime - $2,400 *when paid in (5) annual installments of $480

Other questions that might arise:

  • What are the differences between the two levels? It’s hard to tell from the list of perks.

All the benefits are the same except the Orange Level Members also receive:

1. Free reservations of Chitwood Alumni Center
2. Access to select MSAC facilities
3. Invitation to a Historical Walking Tour or Golf Cart Tour of campus and Mossy Creek
4. Printed Journey Magazine
5. Printed membership card
6. Visitor’s Parking Decal for use on campus

  •  I graduated in May of 2018 is my membership complimentary for 5 years? No. The Orange & Blue Society started in December 2018. The membership benefits are not retroactive from the starting date.
  • Can I join at the Blue Level if I’m not a new graduate? Yes! Anyone can join at the Blue Level. It is $25 / year if you are not a new graduate.
  •  What does the Visitor’s Parking Decal mean? The parking decal allows any Orange Level member with a C-N issued Orange & Blue parking decal displayed in their windshield to park in any red, blue or white parking place on campus. It does not guarantee there will be a spot available for parking nor does it allow parking in Reserved lots or spaces at special events.
  • How do I join? There is an online membership form that allows online payment, an online form you can download, print and mail in your payment (instructions and address online), or you can drop by The Chitwood Alumni Center at Hale Place during Alumni Relations office hours (8:30-4:30pm Mon-Fri) and find forms. The Orange & Blue Society will also be at special events like Homecoming if you have questions or would like to join then.
  •  How do I receive my membership items if I join online? You will receive your membership card, decal and parking decal (Orange Level) in the mail.
  • How do I get extra Orange & Blue t-shirts? Order t-shirts for the family here!

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